Biomimesis Veil Diffuser

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The VEIL DIFFUSER is an electronic device used to spray a microfiber film onto the skin after BIOMIMESIS VEIL POTION is applied. The device uses the plus/minus difference in charge between the skin and BIOMIMESIS VEIL POTION to form a fine transparent film on the skin.

ʵ Electronic device with microfiber technology that seals moisture into the skin
and enhances the effect of evening care.
ʵ Inspired by the qualities of Koishimaru silk, the silky fiber spins into a
fine, transparent film, which adheres like a second skin.

ʵ Microfiber technology envelops the skin to keep you in an optimal moisture environment
ʵ Improves the effect of care products by allowing them to be completely absorbed by the
skin overnight.
ʵ The skin is moisturized overnight and thus gains vitality.
ʵ Enhances the effect of nighttime skin care.
ʵ The skin's moisture barrier is strengthened.
ʵ Has a skin-refining effect.
ʵ Protects the skin from external factors such as dryness and friction.
ʵ Leaves the skin feeling silky and soft.

ʵ Beautiful skin like you have never experienced before with conventional cosmetics.
ʵ Skin care can optimally do its work overnight.
ʵ Protection against moisture loss.
ʵ Protection against loss of elasticity and premature skin aging.
ʵ Skin is rejuvenated, lines and wrinkles minimized.
ʵ Skin is left with a natural glow, balanced and hydrated.
ʵ Experience a refined as well as even skin texture.

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