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Refinement of the skin structure


Biologique Recherche has stood for professional skin care concepts with a medical approach since the 70s. The French doctor Philippe Anouche and his team in Paris developed a cosmetic line that has achieved true cult status around the world. The build-up of the skin's protective barrier as well as a sensational refinement of the skin's structure is the focus of the effective skin care products. A variety of concentrates and cream variations, masks and special products satisfy every desire for skin perfection. The individual cabin protocols in combination with the highly concentrated care products as well as the absence of mineral oils, silicones, colour additives, parabens and sulphates guarantee results with impressive and convincing effects.

High-End Konzeptpflege

Medical Beauty Research

Die erste deutsche professionelle High-End-Konzeptpflege MBR
begeistert seit dem Jahr 2000 mit innovativster Hautpflege an der Grenze zur Medizin. Führende Dermatologen und Ästhetikmediziner entwickeln Premium-Pflegeprodukte mit höchstmöglichen Wirkstoffkonzentrationen und gleichzeitig optimaler Hautverträglichkeit. Dem Wunsch nach wahrer Hautperfektion wird durch gezielte, massgeschneiderte Behandlungsmethoden nachgekommen - mit sensationellen Ergebnissen. Lifting ohne Skalpell.




Valmont is the skin care specialist from Switzerland. Since 1905, they have been researching the factors of physiological skin aging and its consequences. A combination of active molecules, top-class plant extracts and the purest alpine glacier water from the Valais defines the youth of our skin in a new dimension. The highlight of a Valmont treatment is the spectacular collagen fleece, which visibly transforms the appearance of the skin in 30 minutes. The anti-aging treatments impressively underline the care competence of the Valmont brand, which meets the highest demands.

Deep cleaning


The holistic, 100% natural care concept from Hawaii is based on the most effective organic plant extracts and purest essential oils. The focus of the active and relaxing pampering programmes is on the deep-cleansing Facial Scrub made from vanilla and chamomile, the individually tailored healing earth masks and the Golden Oil developed exclusively for the treatment. Through the Hawaiian-inspired massage with Loumi-Loumi handles, the natural luminosity of the skin returns impressively and the entire appearance is visibly rejuvenated. JK7 unites in a new dimension the desire for freshness, tolerance, well-being and relaxation.



Cell Premium's professional medical-cosmetic treatments treat the cause of chronological skin aging at its origin. The exclusive and effective stem cell treatments are based on a treatment method developed by Dr. Gerny, which ultrasonically injects active plant stem cells from apple, argan, alpine rose and grape seed deep into the skin.
The high concentrations can unfold the highest effectiveness through the efficient treatments and convince in the long term with a lasting, spectacular change in the skin. Discover the youth of your complexion.

facial relaxation


The Art of Beauty concept of the Swiss global brand La Prairie offers unique treatments at the highest international level. The modern, individual and tailor-made cabin concept with high-tech treatment methods perfects the effect of the top-class La Prairie care products. The highlight of the Luxury Caviar Treatment is the Dermo Globes. They infiltrate the serum deep into the skin and at the same time visibly and tangibly relax the facial features.
Indescribable results await you.