Baume en Eau à la Rose Noire

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(50 ml)

Day care for a smoothed, radiant complexion.

Le Baume-en-Eau à la Rose Noire is the perfect day care for a smoothed complexion and promotes the radiance and luminosity of the skin. It is based on the 3 fundamental principles of the Rose Noire line for even greater effectiveness and pleasure:

- a sensual texture,
- a subtle and addictive fragrance,
- instant and long-lasting effects to preserve the skin's youthfulness.

1. restores the skin's elasticity
Extract from the calyx of the lampion flower for a double plumping action in the epidermis and dermis is combined with extract from the funnel alga to strengthen the moisture cushion of the dermis.

2. favors the radiance and luminosity of the complexion
Moisturizing extract of Black Rose instantly smoothes the skin texture. Hibiscus flower extract, with its gentle exfoliating properties, enhances the luminosity and radiance of the skin. Alpine Rose extract, with its powerful antioxidant action, combats dullness of the complexion.

An exceptionally sensual application: a silky texture that transforms into water-mirko droplets and penetrates the depths of the epidermis. The skin is intensely hydrated, as if soaked with water. The skin appears rejuvenated. The combination of Black Rose Oil Extract with May Rose Floral Water and Shea and Camelina Oil provide the skin with suppleness, instant freshness and lasting comfort. Extracts of Black Rose combine with essential oils of Rose, Magnolia and Geranium to invigorate the senses and provide instant well-being. Tolerance tested under dermatological control. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

*Invitro test

Apply to face and neck in the morning and evening. For skin lacking well-being, use a few drops of Huile Précieuse à la Rose Noir once a day before applying the cream.

The skin is hydrated, as if it were soaked with water. It appears plumped up and smoothed. The face looks refreshed and more radiant. The care helps the skin to regain the elasticity and volume of younger skin. The complexion is more radiant and fresh. The skin regains its vitality and youthfulness.

Active ingredients:
Black Rose Oil Extract: moisturizes and smoothes the skin; Black Rose Water Extract: smoothes the skin's surface; Alpine Rose Extract: has a strong antioxidant effect to combat dullness of the complexion; May Rose Extract: softens and refreshes the skin; Lampion Flower Calyx Extract: double plumping effect in the epidermis and dermis; Funnel Algae Extract: strengthens the moisturizing cushion of the dermis; extract of hibiscus flower: enhances the radiance of the complexion with its gentle exfoliating properties; shea oil as well as camellia oil bring immediate freshness and a lasting feeling of well-being; vitaminE acetate: anti-free-radical action; biosaccheride solution: forms a moisturizing film on the skin surface; glycerin of plant origin: has a moisturizing effect and creates a softer complexion.

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