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(30 ml Extrait de Parfum)

This fragrance strives to evoke various degrees of hysteria and irresponsible behavior. It is dedicated to absinthe, a controversial spirit that was temporarily banned due to its ingredient thujone. Known as a serotonin stimulant, this ketone gives off an aromatic green smell and contains THC. This substance induces hallucinations and psychedelic effects and was used by the military during the war as a disinfectant and to boost the morale of soldiers. It is also found in plants of the genus Artemisia and is a component of various essential oils used in perfume making. As a young perfumer, The Nose mixed thujone from the lab into his absinthe drinks to ensure the appropriate effect. He wanted to experience a different form of drunkenness that led to endless volleys of giggles and bursts of hysterical laughter. Absinthe, also known as "la fée verte" (meaning the green fairy), is a high-proof alcoholic beverage that originated in Switzerland. In the 19th century it gained great popularity among artists and writers in Paris. Traditionally characterized by a green coloring and an anise-like flavor, absinthe is made from plants, plant extracts, or medicinal herbs. As a drink, absinthe is often associated with the bohemian lifestyle. Absinthe is a fragrance inspired by happy escapes and carefree giggles, a delirious moment that makes you forget all your worries and immerse yourself in a luxurious form of madness. The composition of absinthe contains a certain amount of chlorophyll and natural ingredients that can change the color of the fragrant liquid or form sediments if the bottle is exposed to daylight for a long time. The cap on the bottle is made of very thick olive wood. Searching and finding the appropriate density of wood to make the caps is extremely laborious.

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