Valuable accessories give pleasure for years and add glamour to everyday life.



The Spanish family business Windisch convinces with a sophisticated and functional collection of bathroom accessories. First-class quality, modern design and highly polished metal look of the products radiate clarity and hygiene.


Alexandre de Paris hair accessories may be called the most exclusive in the whole world. Only the best materials are elaborately handcrafted in France. Alexandre de Paris offers jewels for the hair.


In 1980 the brothers Georg and Florian Plattner founded the hair jewellery manufactory De Dor in Innsbruck. The careful processing of only high-quality materials by hand is guaranteed. New creations in color and pattern are continuously developed, which correspond to the respective international fashion trend.

Manicure case


The Hammann family manufactory has been producing fine leather goods in Germany since 1864. Finest deer and cow leather from Norway is dyed only by hand with natural dyes. All models are lined with leather or velour and available in a wide range of colours.


Da Vinci

The German brush manufacturer da Vinci from Nuremberg has decades of experience and expertise in the manufacture of cosmetic brushes. The experienced brush makers of da Vinci guarantee the always consistent first-class quality.


Lucie in the sky

Jewellery designer Lucie Berthiaume-Vissing is completely dedicated to sparkling stones and precious metals. Based in Munich, the French-Canadian creates top quality with unique design under her label Lucie in the sky.



Windisch is a top-class traditional company from Barcelona that specialises, among other things, in high-quality mirrors. Behind the production perfection are the latest metallurgical techniques. Chrome and 24 carat gold are electrolytically applied to brass. Each mirror that leaves the factory is individually checked in detail by hand.