La Colline


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NativAge La Crème basiert auf den neuesten Erkenntnissen zur Hautalterung. Sie ist die erste globale Anti-Aging-Pflege mit hocheffizienter Selbstregenerationswirkung, da es ihr gelingt, freie Radikale in lebenswichtige Vitalstoffe umzuwandeln. Die einzigartigen Resultate sind schnell sichtbar. Schon nach wenigen Tagen Anwendung ist die Haut verschönert. Sie ist strahlender, besser hydratisiert, straffer, zarter und vor allem jugendlicher. Das geschützte Gesicht erhält mehr Ausstrahlung.

Morgens und abends über dem Le Sérum verwenden. In kleinen Tupfern auf die gereinigte Haut von Gesicht und Hals auftragen. Augenpartie aussparen.

(50ml / 1.7 OZ)

NATIVAGE La Crème leads the way to a new generation of anti-aging skincare products. Thanks to the Cell Life Extender - an exceptional active ingredient which has the capacity to recycle metabolic wastes into vital components for the skin beauty - and the remarkable CMAGE® Complex - composed of innovative active ingredients that act in synergy to fight the signs of cutaneous aging - this exceptional care offers impressively visible beauty results. In just a few days the face looks more beautiful: more radiant, better hydrated, firmer, softer and above all more youthful-looking, Its protection improved, the complexion recaptures its youthful glow.


The Cell Life Extender: a mineral molecule that achieves the technical feat of transforming free radicals into vital substances needed for maintaining the skin's youthful beauty: water and Oxygen.

The CMAGE® Complex,  the new generation of La Colline Anti-Aging Complexis composed of:

1) A bioactive complex combined with a micro-alga to increase oxygenation and stimulate the mitochondria (the cells' "power generators") and boost protein synthesis.

2) Hyaluronic acid with its high molecular weight bolsters and preserves cutaneous hydration.

3) A complex of ceramides was selected for its special affinity with the skin, It melt into the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis to repair and strenghthen it.


More comfortable skin: 83%

Softer skin: 80 %

Suppler skin: 78%

Skin better protected: 77%

Smoother skin: 75%

Firmer skin: 66%

Regenerated skin: 65%

100 % hydration after 3 hours


To optimize the cream's effectiveness and pleasure in application of NATIVAGE® La Crème, a step-by-step ritual has been developed by the anti-aging care specialists: 

1) Start from the chin to the forehead in ascending strokes.

2) Stroke up the sides of the nose with the forefinger and middle finger with steady pressure upwards.

3) Simultaneously, stroke outwards with flat hands on the forehead.

4) Repeat the same movements, but this time in circular motions.

5) Go up the neck in alternate strokes upwards, avoiding the trachea.

6) Then smooth towards the back of the neck.

7) Move up and down the ears with the forefinger and the middle finger forming the scissors, with deeper pressure when moving upwards.

8) With a light stroke to the sides of the nose, move up with pressure going crescendo until the beginning of the eyebrows.

9) Then stroke over the eyebrows outwards to finish with a circular fixed movement on the temples. 

La Colline combines Swiss perfection and advanced technological know-how in a unique care line for face and body. The exclusive CMAge complex activates cell metabolism and provides an impressive supply of oxygen, water and energy to the cells resulting in radiantly fresh skin at any age. Nativage is the outstanding innovation of 2011 in the field of facial care worldwide. Using a revolutionary ingredient of mineral origin Swiss researchers successfully and for the first time ever transformed free radicals into water and oxygen.


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