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Acqva e Zvcchero Room Diffuser

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(350 ml)

Her smoothness felt by touch. The darkness of the room does not betray the silhouette, her scent melts me and I feel like drenched in honey. Delicate relaxation.

Fragrance: Red fruits, vanilla, orange blossom.

This fragrance is made from high quality ingredients and is great for scenting homes, studios or shops. Put all the sticks in the bottle and wait for the fragrance to spread through the capillary action in the sticks. Occasionally the sticks can be simply swept to scent the room even more intensively.


(350 ml / 12 oz)

Sensed her smoothness through touch. The dark of the room hid the shapes, her fragrance liquefied me and I felt drenched in honey. Enveloped by tender relaxation.

Olfactory notes: Red fruits, Vanilla, Orange flowers

This product was created with the essence of the highest quality to scent any room in the house, studio, shop. Immerse all the sticks in the bottle, then wait for the scent to be absorbed by capillary action and to spread on the wood. Twice a week, flip the sticks to have a more intense diffusion of the fragrance.

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