Biologique Recherche Treatment:

The following three Osswald Signature Facials are personalized to your individual skin needs. Various algae, gauze, and caviar masks - as well as specific boosters and special tools (such as the Cryostick) - are used as needed. These tailor-made treatments guarantee maximum results and satisfaction.


  • Your BR Business Facial 60 min            220.-
  • Your BR Purity Facial 90 min                 260.-
  • Your BR Luxury Facial 120 min             290.- 


Osswald Ultimate BR Facial 160 min   600.-
The BR Ultimate Treatment combines the most innovative treatment techniques with the most powerful products that medical cosmetics have to offer today. A sterile high-performance ampoule containing 58 active ingredients is worked into the skin using a special lifting massage technique; this manual massage is followed by microneedling and ultrasound treatments, further driving the actives into the skin. A special Cryostick massage, in combination with collagen and algae masks, complete this novel and powerful facial, one whose effectiveness is unmatched.

Second Peau 90 min   350.-
The Second Peau Treatment immediately corrects all visible signs of skin aging. The fresh electro-spun, cross-linked hyaluronic acid plasters are absorbed up to 80 % by the skin, giving the client a spectacular alternative to a medical filler treatment.

Acides de Fruit 60 min   180.-
This fruit acid treatment, while gentle on the skin, visibly refines the skin’s texture, stimulates cell regeneration without irritation, and gives an immediate and unbelievably luminous glow post-treatment - your skin will have the feel of silk and velvet!

 + 15.- Eye and lip mask during BR facials


Biologique Recherche has been known for its clinical approach to skincare since the 1970s. The brand’s owner Philippe Anouche has created, together with his team in Paris, a skincare line that possesses a worldwide cult status. Biologique Recherche’s effective products have a focus on repairing the skin’s barrier, as well as creating a sensationally refined texture. A variety of products – from serums, to creams, to masks, to specialty treatments - fulfill every desire for the skin’s perfection. An individualized facial protocol in combination with the highly concentrated skincare – all devoid of mineral oil, silicones, added colorants, parabens, and sulfates – guarantees an impressive and convincing result.